Rajan is the backbone of Tech Race. Rajan manages everything technical. You will see him writing articles, managing ads, optimizing user experience, handling social media, and of course, motivating the team. When he is not working for Tech Race, you will be confused what he actually is trying to do with his life. He will be found reading blogs, flashing ROM on his Android, hanging out with friends almost every evening, learning some web development, roaming around on his Pulsar or just sleeping.
  • Lucky that the S4 has a lot of option. I’m stuck with a very few on Xperia P

    • That seems bad. Which ROM you are currently running on your Xperia P ? Any advantages you would want to share for that ROM ?

      • It’s not official, and thus don’t really have a name 😛 It’s based on CM11. I’ve written on my blog about this.

  • Bonkers

    Hi, I have the i9500 in India. I’ve tried lots of custom roms and there is one major problem with them all – calls have echoes 🙁 Are the roms that you mention in this article free from that echoes during calls issue? Would be great if you can let me know your personal experience as well!

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • Users haven’t reported about the call echo problem yet. However you can head to the XDA Forum of the particular Custom ROM to see if anyone has got that problem. Do let us know.

      • Bonkers

        Thanks for the reply Rajan! Which custom ROM are you personally using on the i9500?

        • I don’t have Galaxy S4. I am running CM11 on my Galaxy Grand I9082.

  • Abhishek Chauhan

    I tried Pac Man Rom….Lot of Call issues that you cant even use it for a day. Currently installed MIUI but after few days excessive battery drain started on running wifi or data pack.

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