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  • shammy

    during installation of PMP_U550_GT-S7562.zip it says signature verification failed

    • Boot into CWM
      Go to install zip from SD card and there you will find an option to toggle signature verification.
      Just turn it off.

      • Mad Darson

        HI Rajan, please help me out in turning off the signature, i tried several times to install the ROM Im continuously getting the error.

  • DJGP

    hi, i install the PMP custom rom on my S7562L and now i have no signal, somebody can help me?

    • There might be an issue with ROM because the ROM’s listed above are for Galaxy S Duos S7562 and not for S7562L

  • princce

    i done format/system under cwm and now is it possible to install pmp rom by odin which i used to root my phone

    • Yes @disqus_a1C8b8I5PQ:disqus . You can follow the steps mentioned if you have successfully rooted.

  • Ben

    Hi Rajan, is there any specify baseband requirement for PMP Rom??

    • No @disqus_g5XvVfZEow:disqus. You just have to check whether the Custom ROM is for your smartphone and the base ROM is same.

      • Ben

        Rajan, the custom ROM is for my phone. But what is base ROM??

        • For all the ROM’s mentioned above, the base ROM should be the stock ROM from Samsung, which your device came with.

      • Mohammed Zeeshan

        can i install any other rom which reflects the specification of my phone but not same brand.

        • Hello @disqus_k78e5G9Eoo:disqus
          No you cannot install any other ROM even though it has the same specifications. The ROM will not be compatible and will brick the device, rendering it unusable. Always ensure that the ROM you need to install is for your specific model.

  • Pink Maya

    tnk for the help you give me

  • Thashreef

    hey bro
    what about google apps…?

    is it necessary to download and install after installing pmp ultra rom….??

    • Yes brother. You have to flash Google Apps package after flashing the ROM because the developer hadn’t included Google Apps with the ROM.

      Do let us know your experience and the ROM features or bugs.

  • shadab

    it says unfortunately settings has been stopped in pmp ultra v 8.five

    • Was there any issue while flashing the ROM? Flash the ROM again to rule out any flashing related issues. If the error still persists, it can be the problem with that ROM.

    • Mohammed Raees

      hey you must install both updates….then it will be perfect…

  • ravi

    hi guys ling 2 sd is not working in my Samsung s7562

    • This shouldn’t be the case. Try reinstalling Link2SD again.

  • Sagar nara

    OFTER INSTALLING kyleopen rom some appications are missing like photo viewier and music player please help me how get them

    • You can install these apps from the Play Store.

  • acejasper

    bro. please help me. my wifi is not turning on. its say turning on when i turn on but its not turning on. please help thanks

    • You can comment this issue on XDA forum so that the developer can look into the issue

  • Dhiraj Asar

    rooted s duos but cannot install the ROM..tried PMP Light Rom and Kyle Open ROM.
    Error is displayed saying E=signature verification failed.Installation aborted…..Plz anyone help

    • @dhirajasar:disqus follow this:

      1.Boot into CWM
      2. Go to install zip from SD card and there you will find an option to toggle signature verification.
      3. Just turn it off.

  • Ali V Muhammed

    Hi Rajan, I installed the KyleOPEN successfully but the problem is that it isn’t showing the gallery and video player. is there any solution for this?

    • Hi Ali,
      You can install these from the play store. MX Player is a good option for audio/video playback.

  • sayyam

    Hi, i am trying to install the rom but it gives error as ” can’t mount /sdcard/ ” . What should be done ?

    • Hi Sayyam,
      Have you unmounted your sdcard using GL2SD or similar app? If yes, you have to mount it first.

  • Phani Ashran

    what is android version of kyleopen for s duos after installing rom???

    • Phani Ashran


    • Hello @phaniashran:disqus,
      It’s JellyBean 4.3 as mentioned in the article.

  • mack

    i have a galaxy s duos gt s 7562 . may this zip file support in my mobile?

    • Hi Mack,
      Yes, all these ROM’s are specifically for your Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 only. Do let us know your experience flashing the ROM.

  • guna

    which version of andriod is
    HyperX™ ROM and it is faster in perfomence than KyleOpen ROM??

    • Hi Guna,
      It’s the same version your Galaxy S Duos comes with, ICS

  • Robin Dsouza

    Thanks fro the ROM. I flashed HyperX™ ROM and its been very smoothly running and i even liked the interface..
    Only thing is that, i didnt lke the icons used in notifiation toggle, like it could have been more creative i feel.
    Hoping for a good future 🙂

    • Hi @robin_dsouza:disqus,
      We are happy that we helped you flashing HyperX ROM

  • nidomander

    Does this work for GT-S7562L?

  • Sukamal

    My phone is galaxy S Duos but my baseband is S7562DDBNE1
    Will these roms support it?

    • Yes Sukumal, it will

    • Nishan Gurung

      yes but not all rom is supported on galaxy duos… cosmic is the best one with no errors …try it

  • king

    this looks good.ill do this for my s duos first thing when i get wifi.Thanks for the info!
    Btw do i get latest updates for jellybean from android if i do this?

  • archit

    By installing either of the roms will i be able to change by default storage disk

    • Nishan Gurung

      yes but u should download the original stock rom according to your baseband version…..

  • ansh

    My CWM recovery is not opening. I pressed the volume up+home+lock button. Instead the phone is starting up. I downloaded the HyperX zip file on my ext sdcard. My phone is rooted.

    • Nishan Gurung

      u should press both volume up and down buttons, home and power button… it will work

  • Archit

    in my phone it shows ‘E;signature verification failed’
    plz suggest me a way

  • Archit

    im using the kyle open rom

  • Й. Бернардо Гонзалез

    is it really necesary to “wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache” and ? last time I did it bricked my phone (almost) ..

    • Hi,

      Yes it is necessary and is also mentioned by the developer.

  • harish

    why is the hyperX rom is not of type zip?????
    i am not able to instaall it..

  • Mustafa

    I have flashed hyperx rom and j have installed whatsapp bt its closing unfortunately and could nkt sign in on whatsapp

  • Vamshi Krishna

    iam on cyanogenmod now is it possible to install pmp ultra rom in my device now????
    if yes some one tell the process to install it

  • Aniket

    PMP™ Custom ROM …Do i have to root my phone for this rom

  • Surya Pal

    e signature verification failed……….wat do i do

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